Light in its most beautiful form

Highlights for the home and garden

Goethe believed that light transmits the visible to the eyes, from whence it is then perceived by the human body. Although his Theory of Colours does contain some errors, we fully agree with him in this respect. He makes an important point with these few well-chosen words, after all: Light is essential for seeing and for human perception.

This overriding importance is something we experience here at our factory every day, literally „with our very own eyes“. We have specialised in the design and
manufacture of exquisite indoor and outdoor lighting and lamps since 1996.
Solid craftsmanship continues to play an important role in the manufacturing process. The basic moulds are made in Germany. We then customise and finish these by hand in our workshops in order to create our exceptional lights and lamps which would surely also have „delighted“ Goethe!

Epstein Design Lighting Workshop Team